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Part IV: The Importance of Healing an Active Memory

(posted: 06/25/2013)

The Importance of Healing an Active Memory

In Part III we talked about using self-awareness techniques to help you identify an active memory.

You might be thinking, "I'm not sure why healing an active memory is so important." Or, "If I do this work, how will it affect my life choices and my issues of worthiness-to-have?"

There can be many reasons why you are struggling and not feeling worthy to have what you want. My life's work has been about helping people discover and change self-limiting beliefs, and over the years I have found that healing active memories has limitless potential to bring you inner peace and resolve feelings of a lack of worthiness-to-have.

Resolving Relationship Issues

  • If you are struggling with trying to attain something important to you an active memory could be at the source of disappointment. Let's say you want to attract a mutually loving relationship but instead you are creating serial relationships, which are the opposite of what you really want. This frustration may be caused in part by an active memory.

Acheiving Important Goals & Dreams

  • An active memory may be at the root of you feeling stuck or unable to fulfill your dreams. If you have a goal of where and what you want to be doing and it keeps eluding you, an active memory may be at the core.

Feeling Stuck & Unable to Manifest Desired Outcomes

  • When you find yourself unable to breakthrough a persistent pattern in any area of your life, an active memory may be the culprit.

Next time, Part V: Benefits to Healing an Active Memory

Active Memories Series
Part IV: The Importance of Healing Active Memories


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