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Setting Yourself up for Success - Retreat Recap

(posted: 03/23/2015)

Let me just start by thanking Team WOLF and the participants who attended our February retreat. You all made this retreat possible as we ventured into a new way of creating change.

This was our first time offering this topic and it was jam-packed with information to help participants be successful.

Setting Yourself up for Success created a lot of shifts and internal transformations as each participant followed along in the Setting Yourself up for Success Handbook.

Blessed By the Dolphins

Mornings at the retreat started out with breakfast together, dining on delicious food prepared by Villa Maria del Mar's chef and served by their attentive staff. From the very first meal we were graced with dolphins throughout the retreat.

As part of our opening ceremony, after breakfast we headed outside to set our intentions in the beautiful, warm, sunlit day facing the Monterey Bay.

Our Opening Ceremony starts with me leading us in some Tai Chi Kung, then Qi Gong led by a Team WOLF member, and then a special unique Team WOLF way to set intentions for the rest of the retreat.

As we began some Tai Chi movements, one of the participants called out, "Look at all the dolphins! Catherine your Tai Chi is bringing the dolphins."

We were awed at the sight before us, smiling and exclaiming. Of course, we had to stop to take in the beauty of the ocean and the graceful movements of several dolphin pods, each consisting of four to five dolphins. I have never seen anything like this before, and during this February retreat we were blessed to see so many dolphins as we ventured through the course material!

Graced With Healing

Just as we were blessed with so many dolphins we were equally graced with healing on many levels for our participants.

I'll share an insight with you that I shared with the attendees Sunday morning. We had discussed how fear, anger and guilt take you away from your own loving essence, interfering with and becoming obstacles to creating the change you desire.

So if you struggle with anger issues, judgments of others and yourself, and deal with an array of fears this might help you to see the impact that it is having on your Soul on a daily basis.

Here is an interesting analogy from Spirit:

The Middle East continues to be at war because of religious persecution, judgments, fear and all the anger that is created from these beliefs.

When we do not heal our own judgments, fear and anger, then the war, unrest, anxiety and turmoil are all being creating within each of us.

This then is the energy and light we as individuals bring to our planet.

We are each a microcosm of the Universe.

WOLF believes that by each one of us taking responsibility in healing ourselves, for example, with these retreats, we can then make a difference by changing the energy we put out into the world.

I'm always honored to help facilitate change at our retreats that will then help "Change the Light of the World"!


"Where Hope resides,
there you will find Faith

Within this Faith you will find
Trust, Forgiveness & Peace

In this Peace you will find
no room for
worry or anger in your heart"

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