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Part III: Identifying Active Memories

(posted: 05/25/2013)

Identifying Active Memories

In Part I & II we talked about active memories and some characteristics to help you identify an active memory.

As you probably know, self-awareness is the first step to any transformational change. Here are a few ways to identify your own active memories through self-awareness.

  • Be aware of images that you may be seeing within yourself of memories of long ago. Sometimes, at certain times in your life you might remember a specific incident.
  • Often times, it is a glimpse into your past and you might hear yourself saying, "I always see myself in our old house sitting alone in my room".
  • Sometimes these images or active memories are just there like a snapshot of the past, put away for safekeeping. As your self-awareness grows you will be able to identify these images more quickly.
  • For some, these active memories will remain present in the consciousness throughout the lifetime. It's as if you never aged and the memory remains the same. Behaviors can be indicative of irrational or emotionally reacting and responding from the age of the active memory.
  • You may have different active memories that come up only when you are experiencing certain situations or with a certain person that reminds you of someone from the past.

Think of self-awareness as a skill that you will develop over time. The more ways you find to fine tune this skill the better you will become at it.

The benefits are tremendous.

Next time, Part IV: The Importance of Healing an Active Memory

Active Memories Series
Part III: Identifying Active Memories


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