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Part I: Active Memories

(posted: 02/28/2013)

Memories & "Worthiness to Have"

Memories...Ah memories. We all know about memories of falling in love, major accomplishments, loving and caring times with loved ones and memories that last a lifetime. We have many kinds and types of memories.

What about memories that could help you heal issues surrounding your beliefs of worthiness to have?

Have you ever wondered about some memories that never seem to go away?

In this series of posts I would like to share with you what I personally and professionally have experienced about memories that are significant in shaping who you are. I call these memories "active" memories.

In the next post I'll talk about what makes a memory "active", Part II: Characteristics of An Active Memory

Active Memories Series
Part I: Active Memories


"Where Hope resides, there you will find Faith
Within this Faith you will find Trust, Forgiveness & Peace
In this Peace you will find no room for worry or anger in your heart"

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