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Resistance to Change Connected to Loss - Part II

(posted: 05/25/2015)

This is the second post in my series on resistance.


Resistance to change is a common pattern for many individuals.

How many times have you heard a person say, "I hate change"? Perhaps you have even uttered those familiar words yourself.

There are times that change has an element of emotional pain associated with it. This could be a loss of a pet when you were a child or having to move and leaving all you knew behind. Sometimes it can be connected to your parents getting a divorce and your whole world changing. All of these things were out of your control.

I believe that for some people a dislike of change is wrapped around the change that comes from past losses.

There is only one thing that is certain in life, though: Nothing ever stays the same.

Unfortunately, we want everyone we love to always be with us. We want our pets to live as long as we do.

As a side note, I asked Spirit why do pets live such shorter lives than we do? The answer, they give us an opportunity to heal unresolved grief.

We want everything to remain the same.


  • Change is a part of life.
  • Everything changes.

That also means those hard difficult times will eventually change, and pass, as well.

How you deal with change may be connected to how you dealt with past losses. Sometimes unresolved grief can also be connected to resisting the very thing you want to change.

Answer These 3 Questions to Help You With Loss-related Resistence to Change

1) How do you deal with loss?

2) Do you allow yourself to grieve?

3) Is there a loss that lies beneath your desire to change that fuels your resistance?

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"Where Hope resides,
there you will find Faith

Within this Faith you will find
Trust, Forgiveness & Peace

In this Peace you will find
no room for
worry or anger in your heart"

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