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Helpful Hints For Journal Writing

(posted: 05/08/2012)

I'm sure you've all heard about journal writing for years now, and you are aware of how beneficial it can be. So instead of going over the reasons to journal, I thought I would offer some tips to help those of you who already journal. And just maybe, these tips will inspire others of you to start.

  • Some clients through the years have expressed fear that someone would actually read what was written in their sacred journal pages. Unfortunately, this can happen sometimes. Sometimes this fear actually comes from childhood experiences where boundaries of privacy were not defined or respected. The majority of the time however, people do respect these boundaries and allow your private thoughts, musing, and creative expressions to stay private.
  • Keep a few blank pages in the front of your journal. You can then use this to index any important entries from your journal for easy access when you are trying to find a particular entry.
  • Make journal-writing fun for yourself. Draw pictures within your pages of writing, if that appeals to you, or paste in pictures. Don't feel like the only thing you can do in a journal is write; be expressive, authentic, and creative in how you express yourself.
  • Use different journals for your dream journal, intuition journal and self-inquiry.
  • Keep your dream journal near your bed. With easy access you can write down those dreams in the middle of the night before they are lost forever.
  • Make top-of-the-page notations. If you use only one journal, when you feel an entry is important you can make a notation at the top of the page for easier access in the future. For example, you might write "Dream:" and follow that with a brief description that will remind you what this dream was about. I do this with important dreams that are either prophetic or have a message hidden within them.
  • When you have those insights about something that is going to happen, or you have a prophetic dream, or there is something that you sensed would be happening, or if you receive profound messages about others or yourself, write them down.
  • The key here is to go back in six months and re-read what you wrote. You may discover that some of your musings, thoughts or prophetic messages have actually happened! You may have otherwise forgotten about them if not for your journal writing.

Do you have any tips for journaling that I missed? _MANX_LINK_/contact/index.html#contact_us_ with your tips; if enough of you send in great tips, I'll publish them in another post!


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