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Resistance as an Opportunity to Heal Soul - Part I

(posted: 05/17/2015)

This is the first post in my series on resistance.

Have you ever felt like you knew you needed to do something but you found a part of you resisting?

Sometimes a client would come in, but say to me, "I really didn't want to come in today." I would acknowledge them for coming in anyway. Why? Because that indicated to me that they were going to have a breakthrough session. And they always did.

What is happening when we feel tired or just don't want to do the very thing we need to do?

You may have experienced this yourself from time to time. There may be a part of you that wants to hold onto things as they are. Another part of you knows that you need to keep moving forward to achieve your goals. Many times this can create havoc and inner conflict. Does this sound familiar to you?

Sometimes our Souls are used to the familiar patterns. Healing and changing Soul energy takes focus and dedication to changing what is. Sometimes the feeling of being so tired is a Soul tired. Tired of creating the same situations or outcomes.

My advice is don't give up. Soul is complicated and a powerful force in each of us. It might be just a matter of figuring out what you are sick and tired of creating before you can actually begin the healing of Soul.

Three steps to Self-Development for Soul Resistance

1) Be an observer of your own life

2) Observe the decisions you are facing that bring about the deep down "tired" feeling

3) Ask yourself "Why am I creating this pattern or outcome that is keeping me small?"

Check back soon for the next post in the Resistance series:

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"Where Hope resides,
there you will find Faith

Within this Faith you will find
Trust, Forgiveness & Peace

In this Peace you will find
no room for
worry or anger in your heart"

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