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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

(posted: 07/20/2015)

Learning how to communicate with Spirit and the Universe by asking the right questions is a very important element to creating change.

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Stepping Into the Flow of Change - Part IV

(posted: 06/16/2015)

When everything is going your way and you know you are going in the right direction!

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Resistance as an Opportunity to Create Change - Part III

(posted: 06/08/2015)

Choosing to see things from a positive perspective will help you navigate through the hard times.

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Resistance to Change Connected to Loss - Part II

(posted: 05/25/2015)

I believe that for some people resistance to change is wrapped around the change that comes from past losses.

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Resistance as an Opportunity to Heal Soul - Part I

(posted: 05/17/2015)

It might be just a matter of figuring out what you are sick and tired of creating before you can actually begin the healing of Soul.

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Setting Yourself up for Success - Retreat Recap

(posted: 03/23/2015)

Just as we were blessed with so many dolphins, we were equally graced with healing on many levels for our participants.

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Help! Mercury Is in Retrograde, What Can I Do?

(posted: 02/13/2015)

A lot of you are having a hard time right now with Mercury in retrograde....

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July Retreat - Inspiration, Growth & Soul Work

(posted: 08/19/2014)

Our first full weekend retreat was a smashing success, according to the attendees.

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Sacramento Healing Arts Festival - Big Success

(posted: 02/07/2014)

Our booth at the Sac Healing Arts Fest was a huge success!

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Part V: The Benefits of Healing an Active Memory

(posted: 07/26/2013)

Here we look at just a few of the benefits of healing your active memories.

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Part IV: The Importance of Healing an Active Memory

(posted: 06/25/2013)

Why should you make the effort to heal your active memories?

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Part III: Identifying Active Memories

(posted: 05/25/2013)

Here are a few ways to identify your own active memories through self-awareness.

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Part II: Characteristics of An Active Memory

(posted: 04/30/2013)

The memories that I consider "active memory" are not the same as the ones you may at times reflect back upon...

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Part I: Active Memories

(posted: 02/28/2013)

What are "active" memories, and how can we use them for healing ourselves?

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Helpful Hints For Journal Writing

(posted: 05/08/2012)

Some tips to help those of you who already journal.

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(posted: 03/19/2012)

Welcome to my blog!

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